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Perfect To Me

I want my favourite people to get involved with #Perfect2Me (that means you). Let me know what perfect means to you. It could be what you think is perfect about yourself, or someone else, what the word perfect (should) mean, the perfect day, the perfect person, the perfect dinner… I wanna know, what is your "perfect" ?

Record yourself on video, take a photo, hold it up as a sign, write it on yourself, paint it somewhere, graffiti, make it out of something, shout it loud in your bedroom, get as creative as you can and tell me what your "perfect" is.

Upload your video to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #perfect2me and your work will be put right here in the gallery below on my website! I’ll be sharing some of my favourites too.

One last thing......

DON'T BE SCARED. DON’T BE EMBARRASSED. This is your time to tell the world!

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